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Manufacturer Partners

View our line card to learn how our supportive manufacturers’ engineered products solve any customer project, development, or challenge you may have.

Line Card

Aces Connectors

Specializes in connectors for consumer products including NB, mobile phones and digital cameras, ACES has a complete product line and specif...Read More

Acuva Technologies

Acuva Technologies offers compact water purification solutions, using high performance UV-LED technology and advanced design to deliver effi...Read More

Basler Electric

Class 2, Intermediate, and Large Dry Type Custom Transformers, Value-Added Assemblies, Chokes, Reactors, Isolation Transformers and Auto Tra...Read More


LED Indication, Light Pipes, Card Guides & PCB Ejectors, and advanced solutions for indication and illumination.


A leading expert in CAN-based digital switching solutions. Ruggedized/harsh environment IP rated switches and keypads, customizable keypad r...Read More

BTC Power

BTC Power is a leader in the electric vehicle charging market. Offering EV charging solutions in Level 2 AC and Level 3 DC Fast Charging Sta...Read More


Cosel is the quality leader in AC/DC, DC/DC Power Supplies, and EMI Filters. AC/DC coverage is from 3W to 10KW, including medical, industria...Read More

Display Visions, GmbH

DISPLAY VISIONS GmbH is a leading specialist in Display technology. uniTFT Series: High intelligent HMI of the future. OLED Series: Worldwi...Read More

ebm-papst Inc.

EC, AC and Brushless DC Fans, Blowers and Motors, Air Moving Devices for HVACR, Transportation, and Agriculture, Value Added Air Moving Asse...Read More


Encablist is a complete solution for flexible cable management. It's a self-supporting exoskeleton for cables that snaps easily into place a...Read More


Founded in 1970, Power Sonic Corporation is a global battery technology company dedicated to solving customers’ power challenges. EVESCO app...Read More

Fantastic Fans

FANTASTIC designs and produces high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans, solving air stratification problems in large environments through an effic...Read More

Laird Dupont

EMC Solutions: Board Level Shields, Conductive Elastomers, Fabric-over-Foam, Fingerstock, Form-in-Place, Vent Panels, Conductive Fabrics, Mi...Read More

Laird Thermal Systems

Thermoelectric Modules, Thermoelectric Assemblies, Liquid Cooling Assemblies, Temperature Controllers, Chillers, and Custom Thermal Solution...Read More


Laminated/multi-layer bus bars. Heat Sinks: swaged fin, integrated modules, mixed metals, copper, and dual base plate. Liquid cooled cold pl...Read More


NetPower designs and manufactures highly reliable Isolated and Non-Isolated DC-DC, AC-DC, LED Drivers for industrial, automotive, rail way, ...Read More

NOARK Electric

A global manufacturer of low-voltage electrical components for industrial applications. We specialize in motor controls and protection for o...Read More


Noritake’s electronics division is a display manufacturer of Touch TFT/LCD modules, VFD modules, and OLED modules. Since Noritake created th...Read More


WE CONNECT AND PROTECT nVent SCHROFF has been synonymous with innovation since it was founded in Germany in 1962, starting with the developm...Read More


OEM Power Supplies & Adapters for Personal Electronics, Network Power & IP Security, Home Entertainment, Battery Chargers, Thin/Smal...Read More

Power Sonic

Sealed lead acid (SLA), Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4 Batteries PSL and SC Series Connectable and Bluetooth), Lithium Battery Chargers. Po...Read More


EESeal’s® EMI Filter. Filter Connector Insert. Transient & ESD Protection. Meets MIL-STD-461 for military and avionics applications.

SETi Violeds

SETi (a Seoul Viosys company) is the world’s leading supplier of UV LEDs and Custom UV LED modules. We develop, manufacture and offer a broa...Read More

Switchcraft Conxall

Harsh Environment Connectors, Jacks, Plugs, Audio Connectors, Custom Molded Cable Assemblies & General Purpose Switches. Made in USA.


General purpose, heavy duty, metal & shielded, high temperature, and specialty braided sleeving products for cable and wire. Heat shrink...Read More

The Gund Company

The Gund Company is a manufacturer and fabricator of engineered material solutions for power systems. This includes but is not limited to el...Read More

Y2 Solution Co., LTD

Based on the state-of-the-art circuit design capability encompassing analog and digital, Y2 Solution is specialized in power supply solution...Read More

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