HMI (and UV LED): Best Displays, Keypads, and Switches for Product Design

Jun 03, 2024
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Displays and keypads are crucial to product design; user experience is one of the key determiners of market success. If a product is easy and comfortable to use in the intended context—by the intended user—then it is more likely to find wide adoption and sales.

In the evolving landscape of product design, engineers are continuously being asked to seek Human-Machine Interface (HMI) solutions to enhance user experience, efficiency, and reliability. They have to be available. They have to be affordable. And above all, they have to work well.

Present-day challenges, such as ensuring seamless integration and updates, maintaining durability under harsh conditions, and addressing supply chain uncertainties, have intensified the need for robust and versatile components.

As a your manufacturers sales representative, ArKco is committed to helping you navigate these complexities and identify the right HMI or UV LED solutions for your applications.

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High-quality display modules, including TFT, LCD, and OLED technologies, are crucial for providing clear and reliable visual interfaces. These displays must offer exceptional resolution, long-term availability, and flexibility to fit various industrial and medical applications. Advanced smart-touch displays further enhance interaction, ensuring intuitive control and feedback in critical environments.

Control systems and interfaces are the backbone of effective HMI designs. Engineers require configurable keypads, touchscreens, and switches that can withstand demanding conditions while delivering precise control. Modern solutions must be customizable, rugged, and compatible with a wide range of systems, ensuring that they meet the specific needs of different applications, from automotive to industrial machinery.

UV LEDs have emerged as essential components for curing, disinfection, and bonding applications. Their ability to provide efficient, environmentally friendly, and reliable solutions for air, water, and surface sterilization is unmatched. Engineers must consider factors such as wavelength specificity, intensity, and module customization to ensure optimal performance in various scenarios.

By leveraging our expertise and access to a diverse range of products, we can provide personalized guidance and support to help you select the most suitable HMI components for your projects. Together, we can address current challenges and drive innovation in your designs, ensuring that your products meet the highest standards of functionality and reliability.

Key Takeaways

  • Customizable keypads are ideal for vehicle applications requiring rugged and flexible control systems, such as RV/marine and heavy equipment. Recommended manufacturer: Blink Marine
  • High-quality displays are essential in industrial and medical applications. Stick with a reputable manufacturer known for overall excellence and long-term product availability, like Display Visions.
  • Advanced touch technology provides precise control and monitoring in harsh environments. Control touch screens even through work gloves with the FLETAS® displays from Noritake.
  • UV LED is the most effective technology for sterilization, curing, and deodorization applications. SETi is the leading global manufacturer of deep UV LEDs (emission wavelengths shorter than 365nm).
  • Versatile industrial switches are critical in the design of any system. For reliable and durable switches suitable for a wide range of applications, we recommend Switchcraft-Conxall.

Designing these HMI components into your projects will help you achieve superior control, monitoring and, above all, user experience. When you’re ready to dive a bit deeper, we’re here to assist you in selecting and integrating the right products.
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Blink Marine RacePad

Configurable CANbus Keypads for Vehicles

Configurable CANbus keypads are essential for vehicle manufacturers seeking flexible, rugged, and cost-effective digital switching systems.

These keypads are designed to provide intuitive control interfaces for various vehicle applications. Blink Marine is a leading manufacturer in this segment, known for their high-quality, configurable CANbus keypads.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexibility: These keypads can be customized to meet specific application needs, making them suitable for a wide range of vehicle types
  • Ruggedness: Built to endure harsh conditions, they are ideal for off-road vehicles, marine applications, and other demanding environments
  • Affordability: Offering excellent value for money, these keypads combine advanced features with competitive pricing


  • Off-road vehicles: These keypads enhance control systems for agricultural machinery, construction equipment, and other off-road vehicles.
  • Marine vessels: Their rugged design makes them perfect for marine environments
  • Specialized vehicles: Ideal for any vehicle requiring a durable and customizable control interface

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Display Visions UniTFT displays

High-Quality Display Modules

Display modules are critical for providing clear, reliable, and long-lasting visual interfaces, particularly in industrial and medical applications. These include TFT, LCD, and OLED display technologies.

Display Visions excels in designing and manufacturing these display modules, known for their superior quality, excellent customer support, and product longevity. Noritake is also a key player in this segment, known for their innovative metal-on-glass touch technology and solutions designed for harsh environments, and for their exceptional durability and responsiveness.

Features and Benefits

  • Variety of display types: Options include TFT, LCD, and OLED displays, each offering unique benefits for different applications
  • Intelligent smart-touch displays: These advanced displays combine touch functionality with intelligent processing, simplifying user interfaces
  • Long-term availability: Commitment to long-term support ensures ongoing product availability and system compatibility
  • Advanced touch technology: Advanced touch technology enhances control and monitoring in harsh environments, ensuring reliability and precision. This includes proprietary touch systems designed to operate under extreme conditions.


  • Industrial control panels: High-quality displays improve user interaction and data visualization
  • Medical devices: Reliable and clear displays are essential for accurate monitoring and diagnostics
  • Automation systems: Enhance operational efficiency and user control in automated environments
  • Consumer electronics: Provide visually appealing and responsive interfaces for a variety of devices
  • Industrial machinery: Robust touch systems for reliable performance in manufacturing and processing environments
  • Medical equipment: Durable and responsive interfaces for medical devices
  • Outdoor kiosks: Touch technology that withstands the elements, ensuring long-term functionality
  • Transportation Systems: Reliable interfaces for public and private transportation applications

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SETi Violeds UV LEDs

UV LED Technology for Curing, Deodorization, Sterilization, and Insect Control

UV LED technology is pivotal for applications such as curing, deodorization, and sterilization. And insect control! This includes a range of UV-A, UV-B, and UV-C LED products and custom modules. SETi (Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.) is the world leader in this field, providing a broad portfolio of UV LED products and custom modules.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive UV LED portfolio: Offers a variety of UV LED products suitable for different applications
  • Custom modules: Tailored UV LED modules to meet specific customer requirements
  • Effective disinfection and sterilization: Effective solutions for air, water, and surface sterilization, ensuring high efficacy and reliability


  • Medical sterilization equipment: UV LEDs for sterilizing medical instruments and environments
  • Water purification systems: Ensure safe drinking water through effective UV sterilization
  • Air deodorization devices: Use UV technology to eliminate odors and improve air quality
  • Industrial curing processes: Efficient and effective UV curing for various industrial applications

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Switchcraft-ConXall Pushbutton Switches

Harsh-Environment Industrial Switches & Medical Switches

Industrial switches are essential components in many applications, ranging musical instruments to industrial control systems. These include push-button, toggle, and rotary switches. Switchcraft-ConXall offers a diverse range of industrial switches known for their reliability and versatility.

Features and Benefits

  • Variety: Extensive range of switch types to meet diverse application needs
  • Durability: Robust construction ensures long-term reliability and performance
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide array of applications, providing reliable switching solutions

Sample Applications

  • Industrial control systems: Reliable switches for controlling various industrial processes
  • Consumer electronics: Versatile switches for numerous electronic devices
  • Medical facilities: nurse call buttons, emergency help, and monitor controls
  • Automotive applications: High-quality switches for vehicle control systems

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HMI Solutions by Industry

HMI for Agriculture & Livestock Equipment Industry

For agricultural and livestock equipment, HMI solutions from Blink Marine's rugged keypads ensure reliable performance in demanding outdoor conditions.

Switchcraft-ConXall offers versatile and durable industrial switches suitable for controlling various agricultural machinery. These components enhance user control and operational efficiency, vital for managing complex farming tasks.

HMI for Commercial/Industrial Appliances Industry

The commercial and industrial appliances industry relies on advanced HMI solutions to improve user interaction and control. Noritake's intelligent smart-touch displays, featuring metal-on-glass touch technology, offer precise control and durability, essential for industrial appliances. Additionally, Display Visions provides high-quality TFT, OLED, and LCD displays that ensure long-term availability and exceptional visual clarity, crucial for maintaining appliance performance and reliability.

For deodorization, disinfection, curing, and insect control, UV LED lights are quickly replacing

Less-efficient and more environmentally harmful mercury lamps. SETi makes this transition even more cost-effective with its UV LED Violeds modules.

HMI for Computing & Data Industry

In the computing and data industry, high-performance HMI solutions are essential for efficient operation. Display Visions provides TFT, LCD, and OLED display modules that deliver superior visual quality and reliability, crucial for data visualization and user interfaces.

These displays, combined with Noritake's advanced touch technology, enhance control and monitoring capabilities, ensuring efficient and intuitive user experiences in data centers and computing environments.

HMI for the HVACR Industry

For the HVACR industry, reliable HMI components from Switchcraft-ConXall and Display Visions are needed for control and monitoring systems as well as electrical interfaces. Switchcraft-ConXall offers durable switches that withstand harsh conditions, ensuring consistent performance in HVACR systems. Meanwhile, Display Visions' high-quality displays provide clear and reliable interfaces for monitoring and controlling temperature, humidity, and air quality, essential for maintaining optimal indoor environments.

For deodorization, disinfection, and insect control, UV LED lights are being integrated into some systems. SETi makes this transition even more cost-effective with its UV LED Violeds modules.

HMI for the Heavy Equipment Industry

In the heavy equipment industry, robust and reliable HMI solutions are crucial. Blink Marine's configurable CANbus keypads offer unparalleled flexibility and durability, making them ideal for off-road vehicles and construction machinery. These keypads are customizable to meet specific needs, ensuring seamless integration with various control systems.

Additionally, Display Visions' high-quality TFT, uniTFT, and DOG series (all LCD) modules provide clear and dependable visual interfaces, essential for monitoring and controlling heavy equipment operations in harsh environments.

HMI for Industrial Equipment

Industrial equipment demands robust HMI solutions for reliable operation.

Blink Marine's configurable keypads and Display Visions' high-quality display modules meet these needs by offering customizable control interfaces and clear visual feedback. These components ensure efficient and precise control of industrial machinery, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency in manufacturing and processing environments.

HMI for Marine/RV & Recreation Industry

In the marine, RV, and recreation industry, rugged HMI solutions from Blink Marine and Noritake are vital.

Blink Marine's durable CANbus keypads provide intuitive control interfaces for marine vessels and RVs, while Noritake's advanced touch displays offer responsive and reliable performance even in harsh marine environments. These components enhance user experience and safety in recreational vehicles and boats.

HMI for Medical Devices

The medical devices industry benefits from high-quality HMI solutions provided by Display Visions and Noritake.

Display Visions' TFT and OLED display modules ensure clear and reliable visual interfaces, critical for accurate monitoring and diagnostics. Both offer precise capacitive touch control with gloves, essential for medical equipment operation in demanding clinical environments, ensuring patient safety and device reliability.

HMI for Military and Aerospace Industry

The military and aerospace industries have to abide by strict standards, and rugged and reliable HMI components from Switchcraft-ConXall, Noritake, and Display Visions are absolutely essential and easy to work with.

Switchcraft-ConXall offers durable switches that withstand extreme conditions, ensuring reliable performance in critical applications. Display Visions' high-quality displays provide clear and dependable visual interfaces for monitoring and controlling aerospace and military systems, enhancing operational efficiency and safety. Noritake adds an additional element of ruggedness with its metal-on-glass displays that allow for capacitive touch even with work gloves.

HMI for Power Generation and Solar Energy Industries

The power generation and solar energy industries require advanced HMI solutions for efficient operation. Display Visions' high-quality displays and Switchcraft-ConXall's durable switches provide reliable interfaces for monitoring and controlling power systems.

We might also point out here the industrial controls offered by NOARK Electric, which range from indicator lights to pushbuttons and selector switches, for electrical breakers, starters, and contactors.

HMI for Transportation Industry

Blink Marine’s configurable CANbus keypads offer flexible control interfaces for various transportation vehicles, while Display Visions' high-quality display modules ensure clear and dependable visual feedback. These components enhance user experience and operational efficiency in public and private transportation systems.

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Where to Go Next… (Hint: Contact Us)

Human-Machine Interface solutions are essential for enhancing control, monitoring, and user interaction across various industries. The products offered by Blink Marine, Display Visions, Noritake, SETi, and Switchcraft-ConXall provide a comprehensive suite of options, ensuring that you can find the perfect components for your specific needs.

Integration and Customization

HMI systems often require integration of multiple components, each tailored to specific application needs. Whether you need customizable keypads, high-quality displays, advanced touch technology, UV LEDs, or versatile switches, these components can be seamlessly integrated into your design.

Support and Consultation

As a manufacturer's sales representative, We are dedicated to helping you choose the right HMI components for your projects. We offer comprehensive support and consultation to ensure that your systems are optimized for performance, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Future-Proofing Your Systems

By selecting products from leading manufacturers such as Blink Marine, Display Visions, Noritake, SETi, and Switchcraft-ConXall, you ensure that your HMI systems are equipped with cutting-edge technology. This future-proofs your systems, providing long-term reliability and the ability to adapt to evolving industry standards and requirements.

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