NOARK Electric Ex9S32 Series 32A Rotary Handle Manual Motor Starter

May 19, 2023
Ex9 S32 A32 A 1600060 face

32A Rotary Handle Manual Motor Starter

Ex9S32 Manual Motor Starter provide manual isolation, manual motor control, and overcurrent protection. Ex9S32 Manual Motor Starters are electro-mechanical devices combining the functions below in one unit. 5-Year limited warranty.

  • Disconnect for Motor Branch Circuit
  • Manual Motor Control
  • Branch-Circuit Short Circuit Protection (Magnetic Protection)
  • Overload Protection (Thermal Protection) - Trip Class 10
  • Manual switching (automatic when used with contactor)


  • Up to 32A at 600 Vac
  • Type E and F combinations
  • Built-in fault indication
  • Full range of accessories
  • Lockable handle

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