NOARK Electric Ex9RCA Safety Control Relay

May 19, 2023
Ex9 RCA22 D right SM

NOARK Electric Ex9RCA Series Safety Control Relays

The NOARK Electric Ex9RCA Safety Control Relay is designed to provide fail-safe performance for safety function applications. It features mechanically linked contacts for use on safety feedback circuits with up to 8 contacts.

When installed the normally closed contact is force guided with the normally open contacts making the Ex9RCA ideal for SRP/CS (SRP/CS is the term given by ISO short for safety-related part of a control system, meaning part of a control system that responds to safety-related input signals and generates safety-related output signals).

  • Force guided/mechanically linked contacts as per IEC/UL60947-5-1 Annex L
  • Mechanically linked contacts symbol prominently displayed on red front cover
  • Fixed transparent anti-dust cover allows easy identification of device action and prevents manual operation
  • 4-pole models available with AC or DC operating coils
  • 8-pole models available DC only
  • Easily mounts on DIN 35mm or panel
  • 5 year limited warranty
NOARK Electric Ex9RCA71D

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