NOARK Electric Ex9C Contactors

May 18, 2023
Ex9 C25 F11 K7 1321861 face

NOARK® Electric Ex9C contactors are intended for various applications including heavy industrial loads. Nine frame sizes allow optimization of electrical parameters and mechanical dimensions.

A range of overload relays are available in a variety of frame sizes to fit respective contactors of given rated current. 5-Year limited warranty.

  • Nine frame sizes with rated current up to 1000 A at 690 V AC-3
  • Coil control voltages available in AC and DC with ranges from 24-600 V.
  • Wide range electronic coil available for 9-500 A contactors features built-in surge suppression.
  • DIN rail 35 mm and panel mountable
Ex9C630E22ZG - 1321818
Ex9C630E22ZG - 1321818

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