TFT Displays: Designing HMIs for Industrial and Medical Applications

Feb 07, 2024
TFT display module from Display Visions

Advantages of TFT Displays for Industrial and Medical Applications

TFT displays are a smart choice for product engineers serving consumer markets: bright, crisp color and broad reading angles in full daylight make them a highly attractive option for end users.

Yet TFT display modules are woefully overlooked in industrial and medical applications. One myth we want to dispel right now is the notion that TFT displays are somehow cost-prohibitive just because of their high resolution, contrast, fast refresh rates, and wide viewing angles.

In the realm of industrial engineering, where efficiency and functionality are paramount, the choice of display modules can significantly impact the success of a product or system. Thin-film transistor (TFT) display modules have emerged as a popular choice for engineers due to their versatility, performance, and myriad other benefits.

Below are some of the advantages of integrating TFT display modules into industrial and medical engineering designs, along with important considerations for engineers.

(If you prefer to browse a selection of available TFTs (and UniTFTs), head the Display Visions website. Bookmark this site though if you might someday need to place an order — ArKco Sales is their authorized sales representative in North America.)

Vivid visuals and high resolution

Whether you’re monitoring complex processes, displaying intricate schematics, or presenting data analytics, TFT display modules offer exceptional clarity and color reproduction.

Note that IPS and TFT technologies are not mutually exclusive; indeed, Display Visions offers TFT display modules with and without IPS (in-plane switching). For a more on IPS and AACS (all-angle color stability) technology, read our article, “Which is Better, IPS or TFT?” And check out this short video comparing one of our IPS (AACS) and one of our regular (still excellent!) TFT modules … and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Wide viewing angles

TFT display modules excel in providing wide viewing angles without compromising on image quality or color consistency. Display Visions offers TFT displays with or without IPS (in-plane switching), which offers higher color accuracy and color contrast compared to standard TN (twisted nematic) technology.

Customization and flexibility

One of the key advantages of TFT displays is their flexibility in design and customization. Engineers can tailor the size, shape, and resolution of the display to suit specific industrial applications. Additionally, TFT displays can support touch functionality, enabling intuitive user interaction and enhancing the user experience.

Display Visions offers TFT color displays with IPS wide-angle viewing (>170°), with or without touch (PCAP), ranging from 0.96” to 10.1” in size, and without IPS ranging from 3.5” to 7” in size.

Durability and reliability

Harsh environments are often a design factor, and TFT displays may be built to withstand exposure dust, moisture, vibration, and temperature fluctuations. You tend to get what you pay for, and the quality of Display Visions TFT displays ensures reliable performance and longevity, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Display Visions also boasts extremely long product availability (usually 10-15 years), excellent customer support, and incredibly short delivery times, all of which contribute to the reliability of our display modules. Also available as complete HMI with SPI, RS-232 and USB.

Industrial-and-Medical TFT Displays from Display Visions

For more information about Display Visions, visit their website!

To place an order, or for application assistance, we highly recommend speaking with one of our friendly and knowledgeable North American sales representatives. Call +1 (651) 777-7454, or email

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