RackChiller Rear Door Cooler

May 09, 2023
Rack chiller rear door cooler 200h 600w 01019013

RackChiller Rear Door Cooler, Active, Air-Liquid Heat Exchanger, Fans, 2000H 600W

  • Active solution with fans supporting air flow and neutralizing the pressure drop at the heat exchanger
  • Frame solution separates coil and condensate management from the rack-mounted equipment
  • Rear space inside the cabinet is left available for power distribution and cable management
  • Easily adapts to nVent cabinets; contact nVent to request information for integrating with third party cabinets
  • Temperature sensors on air supply and return side
  • Integrated control system with Modbus TCP and SNMP v2c interface
  • Optional water flow, pressure and temperature sensors included with the water control package allow for water monitoring and regulation according to actual heat load
  • Optional local display

RackChiller Rear Door Cooler (RDC) Heat Exchanger is designed for managing high heat load cooling requirements within high-density server, computing and storage racks. The RDC installs on equipment racks as a separate rear door with an extra frame, enabling it to be retrofitted to existing racks.

Heat dissipated by the rack equipment will be removed by the air-to-liquid heat exchanger and transferred into the facility water circuit, adding no heat to the IT room. Door-mounted fans support the IT equipment air flow to overcome the coil impedance.

The integrated controller modulates the water flow to keep a constant supply air temperature, as well as the fan speed to maintaining a (configurable) pressure differential between rack and IT room.

The entire system is integrated within an aesthetically framed perforated door with protective covers to isolate the liquid source and cooling loop from the rack-mounted equipment.

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