Laird Dupont - Tputty™ 910 Liquid Dispensable Gap Filler

Jul 24, 2023
Laird Tputty 910 dispenable gap filler Image 2

Tputty™ 910

One Part Liquid Dispensable Gap Filler

Features and Benefits

  • Thermal conductivity 9.1W/mK
  • Dispensable and compliant
  • Easily reworkable
  • Ideal for large and small gaps
  • Meets RoHS and REACH requirements

Product Description

With 9.1W/m.K thermal conductivity, Tputty™ 910 is at the forefront of thermal performance of liquid gap filler. It is one-part dispensable gap filler, ready-to-use, not requiring any curing operation.

Tputty™ 910 is a soft, compliant, high thermal conductivity dispensable gap filler providing lowest thermal resistance and highest reliability available.

Laird Dupont - Tputty 910

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